Kinda traditional Cornish Pasty recipe

Heidi’s kinda not really traditional Cornish pasty recipe Makes 6  Ingredients:    (remove meat and eggs and replace with vegan cheese and nuttelex for eggs for vegan version) 3 medium potatoes (any kind really.  2 carrots 5 cloves garlic (I go hard on garlic so you may wish to lower the amount)  1 large turnip

Spiced scotch fig paste

  In my frenzy of Christmas making I decided to make fig paste.   It came from a late night on rundle street after going to a funny ole gay bar filled with young people doing young things like dancing on upside down on poles and looking longingly for a someone. Girls on boys knees

Kale Sesame chips with Shichimi Togarachi

Sometimes in life… I write dodgy javascript, python software and muckaround with electronics hacking.                 Sometimes in life. I cook.     And sometimes, when I have my nerd vest on, I think about all the homegrown goodness in my local hood.  So, like a multitasking banshee yesterday

My Auntie Judy’s Cornish LowSodium celery soup

Had a whinge on Facebook about missing salt in my LowSodium world. Auntie Judy came to the rescue in the form of this terribly simple soup. Ate this tasty little number with my home made Tomato and Chilli sauce last night and it was a win! Ingredients:  4 Oz saltless butter 2 onions2 Celery heads2lb potatoes 2.5