Kale Sesame chips with Shimchimi Togarachi

Sometimes in life… I write dodgy javascript, python software and muckaround with electronics hacking.                 Sometimes in life. I cook.     And sometimes, when I have my nerd vest on, I think about all the homegrown goodness in my local hood.  So, like a multitasking banshee yesterday

My Auntie Judy’s Cornish LowSodium celery soup

Had a whinge on Facebook about missing salt in my LowSodium world. Auntie Judy came to the rescue in the form of this terribly simple soup. Ate this tasty little number with my home made Tomato and Chilli sauce last night and it was a win! Ingredients:  4 Oz saltless butter 2 onions2 Celery heads2lb potatoes 2.5

Low Sodium Cornish Pasties

Holy hell – they have a Cornish Pasty Society in the UK. Whilst this recipe is mainly snaffled from their site (check their guide to “crimping”), I’ve added a few little bits of my own and made it LowSodium.   Pastry Ingredients (rough store-bought puff can also be used): 500 g strong bread flour (it

Low Sodium Turmeric Coconut Fish or Chicken Curry

Ingredients: 1 x tin coconut milk 1 x cup of water or home made vegetable stock 1 large onion 500 gms white fish (founder works really well but you could use Basa/ Swordfish/ Salmon or Mackrel if you liked. Mushrooms Broccoli Home Made curry paste 2 x teaspoons crushed garlic 2 x teaspoons of grated

Low Sodium Dhal with Turnips

Turnip Dhal – No Sodium Recipe for folks with sad guts Due to a bucketload of the most beautiful looking Turnips, fresh and Organic from a friends Tasmaninan garden, I was a little lost as to what to do with em. I do love dhal and the ole dietician recommended that I up my fibre