Fresh LowSodium Ricotta Parmesan cakes

So these small cupcake sized balls of goodness were a favourite in my days of salt so I tried modding my recipe to do the thing saltless. Please remember that milk is a source of naturally occuring sodium so don’t go too bingey on these bad boys. Godda say, not too bad! Ingredients for the

Low Sodium Cornish Pasties

Holy hell – they have a Cornish Pasty Society in the UK. Whilst this recipe is mainly snaffled from their site (check their guide to “crimping”), I’ve added a few little bits of my own and made it LowSodium.   Pastry Ingredients (rough store-bought puff can also be used): 500 g strong bread flour (it

Low Sodium Turmeric Coconut Fish or Chicken Curry

Ingredients: 1 x tin coconut milk 1 x cup of water or home made vegetable stock 1 large onion 500 gms white fish (founder works really well but you could use Basa/ Swordfish/ Salmon or Mackrel if you liked. Mushrooms Broccoli Home Made curry paste 2 x teaspoons crushed garlic 2 x teaspoons of grated

Low Sodium Dhal with Turnips

Turnip Dhal – No Sodium Recipe for folks with sad guts Due to a bucketload of the most beautiful looking Turnips, fresh and Organic from a friends Tasmaninan garden, I was a little lost as to what to do with em. I do love dhal and the ole dietician recommended that I up my fibre