Half Made / Unmade transmedia projects

Some ideas for transmedia storytelling projects and some half made work.

just a bunch of ideas and half executed transmedia projects I would really like to finish and move to the “Artworks” section. One day.

Fortune Telling Machine

  • Backstory: Amy Milhinch and Heidi were talking about making a work together for Thebartonia, a local community festival in our well loved hood. After a million glasses of wine and a lounge disco highlighting the back catalogue of Wings, we decided to make an old school Fortune Teller. Rather than tell fortunes, get people to go on a treasure hunt – to discover all the little secrets of the community and space we live in. Ok .. we said. Lets do it!
  • URL: The basic tech (I’ve modded this) 
  • Next Steps: We have planned a development weekend later in the year but for now, have a working prototype.

Sway Through the Crowd to an Empty Space

  • Backstory: Heidi has been thinking about the way people look art art. What if the wqy they looked at or moved when they saw a portrait, the portrait responded? This project tries to find out.
  • URL: The basic tech (I’ve modded this)
  • Next Steps: All hardware has been procured, the dream sound and video creative team have been secured and we are in conversation with willing dancers available for the project. What do we need next? In a word, FUNDING! I work collaboratively and need funding to be able to develop the project.

Etch, Scratch and Ink: A participant driven, art making experience

  • Backstory: Heidi went to GOMA, sat at a table and was invited to make an etching of a table, hand carved by a contemporary artist in Thailand. It was beautiful. It got her thinking about ways to make art that involved the viewer or participant making a variety of works that involved sound and visual art where the participant could explore and perform / be a part of the art making process. And with that, Etch, Scratch and Itch was Born!
  • URL: The Project Description
  • Next Steps: Never Say Never! I might just yet get this one off the ground. Want to help? 



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