Low Sodium Recipes

My Bad Pancreas and some big life changes

Over the last few months my guts have been really sad. I was badly bloated and retaining fluid like a new chux. My pancreas hurt I could barely walk and felt sick all the time. I couldn’t eat much as it hurt so I lost all my muscle and was skin and bones aside from this massive belly I had to contend with. I looked like a pregnant smackie. Srsly. I was being asked when I was due at least 3 – 4 times a week. Apparently a LowSodium diet was something to try.

Whilst there are physical reasons for the increasingly shitty mood my guts appear to be in, the main culprit for fluid retention part of the illness was my dear and close personal friend, Salt. Removing salt from my diet and a combination of surgery and diet changes have meant I’ve lost over 20 kgs in just fluid. So .. seeya later cheese – I am cool with sacrificing wellness for taste. Here’s a small archive of recipes that “worked” and taste pretty good to boot.


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