Kinda traditional Cornish Pasty recipe

Heidi’s kinda not really traditional Cornish pasty recipe Makes 6  Ingredients:    (remove meat and eggs and replace with vegan cheese and nuttelex for eggs for vegan version) 3 medium potatoes (any kind really.  2 carrots 5 cloves garlic (I go hard on garlic so you may wish to lower the amount)  1 large turnip

Notes for the operation of a kevin!

Unlock the phone using an L pattern on the unlock dots on the phone. IT’s three dots on the left down and then one across.  Open the program “sphero edu” If it asks you to login use the email address If google needs a password – it’s: roundkey2021 Click on the programs icon in

Project ideas – Middle aged spread

                                 Middle aged spread On Judy Garland: Source material: Judy Garland – Paul Donnelly “Thoroughbreds don’t cry” Late night phone calls brought on by upper and downer combinations and vodka and nebutol Designing Women – film The star was a

A story – By Heidi Angove

Dear Penny, This is a story I wrote for you over the weekend. It’s about your three words and something I found over 3 days that reminded me of you. I hope you love your clumsy dance as much as I love watch your light and beautiful dance. To me they are the same thing. Loyal

80’s teenage letters

  I have been looking through all my old high school memorabilia … embarrassing dietrus really. Things that seemed so important they must be stowed in perpetuity .. not really sure why I needed to keep an empty bottle of “Bic” the perfume. But there you go.. I found this pearler from a girl I

Spiced scotch fig paste

  In my frenzy of Christmas making I decided to make fig paste.   It came from a late night on rundle street after going to a funny ole gay bar filled with young people doing young things like dancing on upside down on poles and looking longingly for a someone. Girls on boys knees

Kale Sesame chips with Shichimi Togarachi

Sometimes in life… I write dodgy javascript, python software and muckaround with electronics hacking.                 Sometimes in life. I cook.     And sometimes, when I have my nerd vest on, I think about all the homegrown goodness in my local hood.  So, like a multitasking banshee yesterday

Rocket Roast Cashew Pesto – LowSodium

As a part of my durational, End to end Rocket long weekend I made this “rockin” pesto: Ingredients: About 8 handfuls fresh rocket leaves. 2 handfuls basil. 1/2 handful of pre-roasted cashews Olive oil Balsamic vinegar 3 cloves garlic 1/2 juice lemon Dry cheese or parmesan, finely grated Method: Wash Rocket, Parsley and Basil, dry

Interactive “smart” mirror quotes

This is a spot for Heidi to record and document progress with her Smart Mirror idea for The Whitmore Square “Safe pub for women” girls toilets idea.   Static Content: Ali’s Favourite Quotes, this month… “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live

Handy Heidi’s WordPress running tips

Heidi’s training session: How to build your own Site using the free WordPress hosting tools. That was a mouthful wasn’t it! Please find below a series of helpful references for the new to WordPress type of human: Intro to wordpress: Over 80 percent of sites around the world are hosted in wordpress. Learning wordpress in