80’s teenage letters


I have been looking through all my old high school memorabilia … embarrassing dietrus really. Things that seemed so important they must be stowed in perpetuity .. not really sure why I needed to keep an empty bottle of “Bic” the perfume. But there you go.. I found this pearler from a girl I was billeted with in Melbourne one year for cadet dingy nationals …. I remember going to the hungry jacks with her on Bourke st mall as a 15 year old .. she dyed my hair black in the sink of the girls toilets and it looked sort of purple. .. We didn’t meet any goths that day.

Dear Heidi, I’m so glad you got on the team . . I got in too .. It’s co cool Brenda didn’t get in the team. I don’t like any of the people going to Tasmania cos they’re from a different club and I don’t want to know them. I was going to go to the femmes concert but it was in the middle of exams. Yeah … I’ve got the 3 pixies albums but I mainly listen to the cure, joy division , siouxie and the banshees I’ll bring some of my mix tapes to taste and we can listen on my walkman together. You and I should stay together.. I have got an idea we will go to the mall and meet some gothics.. then we can just hang out with them the whole time instead of the yachties.. can’t wait to see you

I’ve got heaps to tell you!

Love Kylie the Essendon chick.