Project ideas – Middle aged spread

                                 Middle aged spread

On Judy Garland:

Source material:

Judy Garland – Paul Donnelly

“Thoroughbreds don’t cry”

Late night phone calls brought on by upper and downer combinations and vodka and nebutol

Designing Women – film

The star was a pill head

Song come on get happy

.Recreating the scene where Judy is about to give birth in a star is born Oscar and grace Kelly gets it – cameras in the birthing room

Die now while you’re young and still beautiful.. .cecil beaton greta garbo

I could go on singing – last movie

The Judy garland show

Song last Judy ever recorded: I’d like to hate myself in the morning

Peg Entwhistle the woman who jumped off the Hollywood sign

Naomi Wu: The best revenge is to blatantly and aggressively exist.