Handy Heidi’s WordPress running tips

Heidi’s training session:

How to build your own Site using the free WordPress hosting tools.

That was a mouthful wasn’t it! Please find below a series of helpful references for the new to WordPress type of human:

Intro to wordpress:

Over 80 percent of sites around the world are hosted in wordpress. Learning wordpress in a job is a valuable job skill and generally a good thing to have! If you go to http://www.wordpress.org you can have a look, a play and even yes .. setup your own wordpress site!

First up, make sure your passwords are sorted in a clear and easy to manage series of Spots! There are a lot of password managers out there. I use a free one that “does the job” and syncs to my local dropbox account so that I can look at my passwords via my mobile phone etc etc.


Now, I’m deliberately not noting down the admin URL or interface to the website itself. See what I did there? WordPress is an insecure environment and often hacked.

Now, we’re going to setup a little wordpress site for you all to start to play:


https://heidinerdism.home.blog is the site I setup in 15 minutes today. You are all going to do the same thing tonight!

WordPress setup follows via everyone logging in and creating a site via https://www.wordpress.com

Okay! Now that we’ve all saved our wordpress sites, and have our managed passwords here’s what you now know how to do:

  • Add an image
  • Create a post
  • Add a file.
  • Edit or delete an existing post.
  • Well done team!

If we get time tonight we can go through together and now update the site you need updating.


  • Gutenberg intro VS classic editor
  • Log into existing site
  • Pages VS posts and the differences.


Contact me: heidi@slowboil.com