Kale Sesame chips with Shichimi Togarachi

Sometimes in life… I write dodgy javascript, python software and muckaround with electronics hacking.                 Sometimes in life. I cook.     And sometimes, when I have my nerd vest on, I think about all the homegrown goodness in my local hood.¬† So, like a multitasking banshee yesterday

Rocket Roast Cashew Pesto – LowSodium

As a part of my durational, End to end Rocket long weekend I made this “rockin” pesto: Ingredients: About 8 handfuls fresh rocket leaves. 2 handfuls basil. 1/2 handful of pre-roasted cashews Olive oil Balsamic vinegar 3 cloves garlic 1/2 juice lemon Dry cheese or parmesan, finely grated Method: Wash Rocket, Parsley and Basil, dry