Project ideas – Middle aged spread

                                 Middle aged spread On Judy Garland: Source material: Judy Garland – Paul Donnelly “Thoroughbreds don’t cry” Late night phone calls brought on by upper and downer combinations and vodka and nebutol Designing Women – film The star was a

A story – By Heidi Angove

Dear Penny, This is a story I wrote for you over the weekend. It’s about your three words and something I found over 3 days that reminded me of you. I hope you love your clumsy dance as much as I love watch your light and beautiful dance. To me they are the same thing. Loyal

80’s teenage letters

  I have been looking through all my old high school memorabilia … embarrassing dietrus really. Things that seemed so important they must be stowed in perpetuity .. not really sure why I needed to keep an empty bottle of “Bic” the perfume. But there you go.. I found this pearler from a girl I