David VS

What is this David VS thing?

David VS is an ongoing conversation over continents with myself and my venerable compatriot and partner in reading a lot of books,  Mrs Claire. It involves us sending one another books across the globe randomly about Daves or Davids. The mysterious parcels feature Dave as the major character, David as author or Dave / Davids as Biographee. Given the only blogs I end up reading are recipe blogs where I perform last minute searches after being given 5 kilos of a random vegetable I have no idea how to cook, I thought I might give writing this online type whatever it is thing a bash. And I couldn’t think of a better partner in crime than Adelaide’s very own and Houston’s adopted delight, Mrs Claire. Lets get this whole shebang going with:


David Sedaris Vs David Lee Roth

David Sedaris Vs D.H Lawrence

Just for Reference, here are some cliff notes on The Sedaris family:

Grandfather:  Made apple pies and a reformed alcoholic
Greek Yaya: Picked weeds from the neighbors garden in order to cook them up.
Mum: Mumu’s, hilarious, drank too much, was unapologetic and liked TV
Dad: Plays and watchs a LOT of golf.
Lisa: Eldest kid, Married now and the most normal one.
Amy: The funny one. The actor
David: I’ve written enough about David
Tiffany: Umm? Give me time to re-read some more Sedaris books
Gretchen: Umm? Same deal as Gretchen
The brother: See above confusion. I know he says dude a lot.

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